Chainsaw Sculpture by.... T.C. Gill

"Giving trees a second life by releasing the life within" 



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If you're reading have taken the first step in acquiring your own custom artwork. Please take a few minutes and check out the pictures on our site to see if there is a subject matter that catches your eye!

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My shop is located  near Peoria, Illinois where I create most of my custom orders, however, I do travel most anywhere there is a sculpture trapped inside a tree that must be released!
Welcome to, the home of chainsaw artist T.C. Gill. If you are looking for a completely unique work of have come to the right place!  All of my sculptures are one of a kind, signed and dated by me. I start with an appropriate size piece of wood or a pre existing stump and a  picture in my mind. From there the sculpture evolves from a rough likeness of the subject into the finished piece with the desired amount of detail. During the sculpting process, the carving will often begin to take on it's own personality.   On the following pages you will see examples of my work. Some small some BIG some geared toward realism and some with a folk art appeal. Please take a few minutes to see what can be sculpted with a chainsaw. I would be happy to answer any questions or receive your comments. Just go to the contact page and let me know whats on your mind!

Sanfords Grizzly
This bench and others are available for purchase! Please see available sculpture page for more information on this piece and many more!
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